Endometriosis vs Pregnancy

Endometriosis vs Pregnancy


Almost 8 years ago, I started feeling strong menstrual cramps. As I always had colic, at first, I believed that it would only be more severe pain but not. After a few trips to the emergency room, I realised that I needed to see my gynaecologist. After a few weeks, my doctor arrived at the diagnosis, which is not easy, ENDOMETRIOSIS.

I started a constant search to understand what I really had, when it started, what caused it, what was the ideal treatment and, most importantly, COULD I GET PREGNANT?

Endometriosis is when the tissue of the uterus move to another body’s part and develop over there. The exact cause of endometriosis is not known. There are some potencial risk factors:

  • If your mother or sister has or has had endometriosis, you are at higher risk of having the same condition;
  • Long and heavy menstrual period;
  • Short cycles and frequent periods.


Some of Endometriosis’s symptoms are:

  • Pain before and after sex;
  • Painful periods;
  • Irregular and heavy bleeding;
  • Difficulty getting pregnant;
  • Nausea and fatigue.


Having endometriosis does not necessarily mean that you will have difficulty getting pregnant. However, you may have this condition. Some women can get pregnant without any problem, while others need a little more time. So, you should keep in mind that maybe it can take a little while, and you may need extra help to hold your baby in your arms.

There are two theories that can explain infertility in women because of endometriosis:

  • eggs are of poor quality;
  • pelvic adhesions inhibit the movement of the egg down the fallopian tube;
  • The chemicals produced inhibit the movement of the egg down the fallopian tube;
  • inflammation in the pelvis caused by endometriosis stimulates the production of cells that attack the sperm and shorten their life span.


There are two ways to treat endometriosis: the use of appropriate drugs or surgery. The doctor should assess which is the best option according to each case. In my case, my doctor suggested surgery. The procedure is known as laparoscopy and consists of finding and removing the endometrial tissue that has been implanted outside the uterus.

I developed endometriosis again. Yes, you can have the same condition again. So, I had another surgery. I am recovering and preparing myself psychologically and physically to get pregnant. Therefore, I will update the blog according to the news. We are confident that soon we will have excellent news.

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