Your Baby’s First Christmas: 5 easy steps on how to make it memorable for everyone.

Your Baby’s First Christmas: 5 easy steps on how to make it memorable for everyone.

Yes, Christmas with a newborn is exciting, and we want it to be perfect. We want to look good in front of our in-laws and our parents. We want to be an impeccable host with great cooking skills. We want to look like we have our s**t together. Right? Yes, right. But also very wrong.

We just gave birth to a baby, our body is a wreck. We are adjusting to a new routine, we are sleep deprived, anxious, tired and, emotional. Our hormones are a mess. We don’t need to put more pressure onto our shoulders. I learned that the hard way. With this 5 easy steps, your Christmas will still be memorable but less stressful.


Baby is not even one year old, breath, relax and start giving less crap about it. He will not remember his first Christmas but you will. Don’t turn it into a bad memory. Creating new traditions it’s a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t have to be a hindrance. Go with the flow. Create your own rituals with your new family and make them roll with your lifestyle and not vice-versa. Maybe you will find out that you don’t feel like decorating a massive Christmas tree this year, so skip it. Buy something that you can do with your new baby like one of those Velcro trees where you can stick decorations on. They come in all colours and sizes and are perfect for including the newborn into the celebrations without having to commit to a live one.


We want to be super parents. We want to be able to do everything without ever complaining and always looking stunning. Hold your tits, and read carefully: it’s impossible! No one has ever made it on their own, ask for help: your partner, your in-laws, your parents, a friend, anyone. Accept the invitation to go to your in-laws on Christmas day. Have dinner with your parents on Christmas eve. You will only have to bring some pre-made pureed food, a docking station and your baby. There’s no need to stress about it. So stop pretending that you have got it together and delegate. If anything, please, don’t isolate yourself for fear of being judged.


I know, he or she will never remember the first Christmas but you definitely will. Make it unforgettable with the most ridiculously cute clothing you can find and take as many photos as possible. It doesn’t matter how incredibly cliché it can be it is still so worth it. But also, don’t forget to take a few photos with the 1000 gifts outfits that you have been given by all the relatives so that everybody gets to see a ‘Christmas’ picture of the baby in their carefully chosen garments. It saves you from a decade of hurt feelings.


This point goes hand in hand with the first one. Try to take things as they come and if they don’t turn out as you wanted them to be, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing great.


You made it, you created life. You are a superhero! Treat yourself, this Christmas it’s all about you. Put on that skimpy dress, call your mom and make her look after the baby. Book dinner in a stupidly expensive restaurant and chillax. Drink a good bottle of wine (or make your partner drink it your baby isn’t weaned yet) and make sure you acknowledge that neither Christmas nor new-babydom will last forever and that you have lots to look forward to. Cheers!

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